My thoughts and perspectives on health, science, and logic… Keep an open mind!


Any bold statements that I make regarding fitness are based on a combination of my own experience and COLD, HARD FACTS!  While it’s impossible to control for every possible variable in an experiment, scientific studies are still the best method we have for figuring out what does and does not work.  If it can’t be backed up by research, you probably won’t hear me say it.  And if I do, I will make the lack of research very clear!


Much of what I speak about in my blogs comes from what I’ve learned through my certification studies as a personal trainer (ACSM and NSCA texts) and other biomechanics training (RTS), as well as from my coursework at the university level.  I am constantly striving to fill in the gaps in my own understanding.  Only through such self-reflection and correction can we call ourselves true professionals, no matter what we do.


Below are a few of the resources that I use to keep up on my own personal studies regarding exercise, biomechanics, nutrition, etc.  I may also link to specific articles that I find noteworthy.  Realize that this material is very technical, as it is published by university professors and other professional researchers.  It is not meant for mass consumption.  So don’t be shocked if a lot of it goes over your head — you’ve been warned!

PubMed – a resource for publishing and review of articles pertaining to biomedical research.

NSCA Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research – A journal of research largely relating to strength training and sports performance.  I subscribe to the monthly paper version of this journal.


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