My thoughts and perspectives on health, science, and logic… Keep an open mind!


Be aware that, while my degree covered SOME coursework in the area of nutrition (particularly as it related to exercise), I am by no means an expert.  I carry no credentials in dietetics, and it is beyond the scope of my current level of education to make any dietary prescriptions.  With that said, I can still provide some advice for sensible eating as well as share some of what has worked for me.  The biggest thing, at the end of the day, is to find what keeps YOU the healthiest!

I’m no food snob… moderation and sensibility are keys 😉

Now it needs to be said that I’m in many ways your lazy college guy.  I don’t like to cook for myself.  I like things that are quick and easy.  Give me more than three ingredients to mix together, and I’ll usually try to find a different solution.  My philosophy on diet has more to do with throwing together some things that are practical and tasty than on religiously following any one rule.  Some of the foods that I choose are quite far into the “healthy” end of things.  But others are more of a lesser-of-the-evils approach.  Once again, I just try to be sensible!

Instructional Guides

CARBS vs. FAT vs. PROTEIN — What’s the big deal?  An instructional guide to give some insight on what actually happens inside the body when you eat something (*NOTE – science ahead!)

If you gotta cheat, cheat SMART! — We all need a break from a rigorous diet or a tough day!  So how do we make those occasions count?

Geoff’s Diet (More or Less) — Hey, I’m human, too!  Here you’ll find a list of some of the things that I eat from day to day.  Maybe you’ll find some options you haven’t thought about?

Meals… on-the-go! — It seems as though everyone deals with the problem of too much to do and not enough time.  I feel your pain!


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