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Another Personal Update

As mentioned in my previous post, I have been absent from blogging because of a lot of personal stuff.  It wasn’t all bad.  But it did keep me very busy for a while.  I’ll go ahead and fill you in on some developments —

First, I’ve been working hard to continue with my education and certifications, particularly since I’m not in grad school yet.  One of the most important certs I’ve been working on is for RTS (Resistance Training Specialist).  There’s a short description of what they’re all about in my ‘More Info‘ section.  Well, I finally scraped the money together and took all of the tests.  40 of them to be exact!  After many hours, I passed them all and fulfilled all of my requirements to become an RTS.  So once everything gets verified, I should be able to put a few more letters after my name!
Now, as exciting as that is (for me, at least), there are two more important developments.  First is that I FINALLY found a job!  Most of my time in recent weeks has been consumed with running all over the place trying to find work and doing pretty much any odd job that came around.  I finally have a 9-5 (it’s really an 8-4:30 if you want to be technical), so I won’t have quite so much financial stress soon.  I’ll spare the details of what the job is, but know that it’s basically a placeholder until I go off to grad school and have to find something else.

A Ragin’ Cajun AND a Tiger? Yeah, I think I can pull that off…

The other thing involves the grad school development that I just mentioned.  My plans for staying at UL for their Master’s program have shifted a bit, and I may now be getting into LSU for the Spring instead.  It’s a long story, but basically I have weighed my priorities and started leaning toward that option.  With that in mind, I’ve visited the LSU campus a couple of times to meet with professors and learn about their programs.  If all goes according to plan, I’ll get accepted for the Spring 2013 semester Kinesiology Master’s program.  My focus will most likely be Exercise Physiology with a minor in Motor Behavior.  Fun stuff, with updates to come 🙂

Since I’m writing this post to give readers a little more insight into my world, it would be incomplete without a mention of one of my biggest passions.  Namely, Tae Kwon Do.  Practitioners of other martial arts may say what they will, but I owe a lot to the training I’ve received through ULL’s TKD program.  I’m thankful every day that I decided to schedule that KNEA 270 activity class almost 7 years ago.  Anyway, I figured I’d link to a some of my recent stuff.  Not to show off, as I don’t claim to be great.  But it’s something I love, and I’d like to share it with others:

This is a video of a recent local Tae Kwon Do tournament down here in Louisiana.  It was the Silver Dragon Championship in Berwick, LA and I’ve been going for years.  Shown here is my form competition (I’m the one on the RIGHT).  There were a few other competitors off-screen as well.  I ended up taking first place here, so I can add another medal to my list off accomplishments… and yes, I know I still have a lot of practicing to do 🙂

There are a few more TKD videos on Facebook as well, mostly from class.  We have a lot of fun and try not to get hurt, though the training CAN get intense at times.  If readers aren’t against it, I’ll probably provide updates from time to time relating to martial arts classes, etc.  In the meantime, I’ll keep working on more general health/fitness content.  Thanks for reading!

– Geoff


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