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So it begins…

Hello there! My name is Geoff Futch, and I’m a personal trainer and soon-to-be graduate student in Kinesiology.  Thanks for visiting my page!  I hope you can find something informative among the things that I post here.

Geoff in the KNES Office

That’s me, just hanging around the office!

After toying with the idea for some time, I’ve finally decided to start up a blog to channel some of my thoughts on exercise, health, and other musings that may or may not be related.  Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that there is a startling lack of objectivity in the exercise and fitness worlds.  People ignore scientific evidence and cling to outdated (and often idiotic!) notions of how exercise is supposed to be done.  The result is a society full of people who aren’t happy with the results of their efforts, yet they can’t figure out why!  That brings me to the name of this blog — Fitness with SENSE.  While many people have the luck and genetic tools to do pretty much anything and be in shape, many of us don’t have that luxury.  More often than not, approaching a new exercise without understanding the variables in the equation will lead to disappointment and even injury!  I’ve decided to do my small part to remedy this.

While some of this is will continually evolve, I have a general idea of how I’d like to approach this blog.  The initial motivation simply came from all of the questions I get from friends and family over how to accomplish certain fitness or health goals.  Everyone seems to have some sort of desire (whether it be to get stronger, lose weight, be more flexible, etc…), yet the average person has all sorts of crazy ideas about how these things should be accomplished.  People tend to want some quick “magic” fix for whatever ails them, and they tend to be understandably upset upon discovering that such a fix usually does not exist.  My feeling, though, is that a lot more confidence can come from knowing what actually DOES work, even if it takes longer and isn’t as convenient, than hoping for an unrealistic result from an approach that doesn’t make any sense.

So, getting to the point, there are a couple of steps to answering those questions I hear so often:  First, my objective is simply to help people in figuring out what their goal IS.  Only after that can we develop an understanding of how to get to that goal.  Second is the process of slowly hacking through all of the “fluff” out there that misleads us on how to approach exercises.  Many fad workouts are simply a waste of time, while others are downright dangerous.  It’s important to identify the factors that will affect a person’s exercise experience (and there are TONS of them!), and then create our training plans with these factors in mind.

Without getting any more in-depth than that, I’d simply like to say thank you once again for stopping by.  I hope to update this page often with new and interesting information for novices and enthusiasts alike!

– Geoff


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  1. Good job, Geoff! Keep up the good work and studies.

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  2. christopher landry said:

    thumpertkd can you possibly come up with some good stretches for Taekwondo?

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